Monday, May 7, 2018

Louver Tooling

Pictured above is a 4” louver assembly designed and machined on our 28XX line of punches and dies. This type of tooling can be utilized on a variety of different ironworkers and punch presses including Boschert™, Piranha™, and Whitney™ to name a few. The customer will use this particular punch and die on his Boschert punching machine.

Louver tooling like this is used on a variety of products that need ventilation and temperature control. To the right is an example of a common application of louver tooling, air vents. The louver provides ventilation while also protecting the generator pictured. Other examples in which louvers are utilized are classic hot rod hoods, lockers and fireplace shields. 

Louvers can be on mild steel and aluminum up to 10 gauge maximum thickness. We do not recommend using this tooling for stainless steel due to material deformation issues. On machines utilizing a CNC positioning table, louver tooling has to be manufactured so that it forms up in order to clear the rollers embedded in the table. Springs push the louver off the die so that the CNC machine can advance the material for a new louver location. 

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