Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How to Install Corner Radius Tooling

The first step in setting up corner radius tooling on a Piranha™ ironworker is to remove the dust caps from the dovetail slide. Doing so will allow you to get to the bolts that hold the dovetail and stripper foot together. Remove the bolts, stripper foot and urethane strippers off of the stripper assembly. A stripper foot is not necessary for this application because there is no material stripping required. The corner radius punch acts similar to a shear when rounding the corners of the material.

Once the stripper foot is
removed, the next step is to align your tooling the same way as if you're installing a normal punch and die. On a Piranhaironworker, a V-groove on the head of the punch and a whistle notch on the die is essential for alignment. With other ironworkers, CPD recommends the machine-appropriate locators to assist in alignment. By locking the tooling into position, there is no need to realign the punch and die after each hit. Make sure to set your limit switches on your machine to reduce cycle time and ensure the guide of the corner radius punch remains in the die at all times.

Click the video below to watch how Josh from Cleveland Punch and Die installs corner radius
tooling on a Piranha™ ironworker. 

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