Friday, October 14, 2016

Custom Gum Drop Punch

Our customer needed to manufacture gum drop shaped tabs with ½” holes using their Marvel MSIW60D ironworker. Our engineering team determined a two-step operation would be necessary to produce these tabs.

The first operation included manufacturing gum drop shaped tooling to fit the oversize attachment. The punch was machined with a flat face and we used .028” clearance to ensure each tab would be free of any distortions. Lastly, it was critical to machine a 1/4“x1/8” keyway on the punch and whistle notches on the die to provide proper alignment during the punching process.

To begin the second operation, we replaced the oversize attachment with the standard attachment for punching the ½” round holes. This is an easy switch and tooling is more cost effective. We designed a die with 3 alignment pins to guarantee the hole would be punched in the same position on each tab.

The customer will weld these onto their product and utilize the round holes for bolts.

Need tooling for a similar application? Send us a picture or drawing and we can make it happen!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Ripping Punch

The requirement to punch oblong/slotted holes beyond the capacity of an ironworker is a common occurrence and we have a solution!

Ripping punches allow an ironworker to punch holes of any length with a continued cycle. First, punch a round hole in the same size as the width of your desired oblong hole. Next, insert the guide of the ripping punch through the pre-punched hole and begin cycling the machine while feeding the material into the guide. Continue this process until you achieve the length of oblong/slot desired.
When ordering please provide the following information: figure number of punch and die, material thickness and dimensions indicated in the diagram below.

**SAFETY WARNING** Do not punch with the guide!


  • Machine: Peddinghaus 1100G
  • Punch: F-20
  • Die: F-59
  • ‘A’ Dimension: 13/16”
  • ‘L’ Dimension: 1-1/4”
  • Material Thickness: 3/8” Mild Steel

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Custom Channel Blades

The Spartan IW66D is a dual cylinder ironworker with a maximum capacity of 66 tons. Within the power cavity, the machine is equipped with round and square bar blades with an option to shear up to 5” channel. Below are 3” and 4” channel shear blades along with the stripper plate used to shear 1/4” channel. These blades are interchangeable with the round and square bar blades that come with the machine. The dual cylinder capability allows the customer to use these blades while punching at the same time. Custom blades are our specialty, let’s see what custom blades we can manufacture for you! 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mandrel Punch

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With help from the customer, our engineers designed this mandrel set-up for the Geka Hydracrop 55A Ironworker. This custom designed attachment allows the customer to quickly and easily punch four oblong holes in 2" schedule 40 pipe. By adding a location spring, the pipe can easily be rotated at 90° for accurate punching. Prior to this design, the customer was milling each hole individually; a costly operation requiring multiple touches from the operator. This solution allowed the customer to punch four holes in less than one minute, increasing throughput and dramatically reducing cost per piece. Reach our engineering team at 800-451-4342 to start designing your custom application.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Extrusion Punch

The bullet punch is used to manufacture extruded edges from a pre-existing hole. These extruded holes are typically used to accept sheet metal screws, provide spacing in panels, strengthening holes in parts that are mounted with rods or bolts, or to allow tapping into a deeper distance past the material thickness. On what applications do you use extruded holes?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Urethane Strippers

Stripping material is a crucial part of the punching process. The video on the left shows the standard stripper assembly on the Piranha P-50 ironworker. The yellow base is the stripper foot and the black tubes on either side of the punch are the urethane strippers. When released the urethanes press down on the stripper foot. The stripper foot then strips the material off the punch.

The photos on the right show the different urethane strippers we stock. Unlike the black Piranha strippers, the red and blue strippers slide over the punch to strip the material. The colors signify different hardness/durometer of urethane. The harder urethane (red) is used for thicker material, while the softer urethane (blue) is used for thinner material. It’s important to use the correct urethane to ensure the material will not distort while stripping. When the urethane starts to crack, it is time to be replaced. This helps ensure quality holes and extended tool life. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Piranha Angle Blades

These Piranha P-90 angle blades are capable of shearing 5" x 5" x 1/2" angle with no problem! We stock flat bar, coper, round bar, and angle blades for all the Piranha Ironworkers. These blades are all made in the USA! Contact us today for any of your ironworker needs.