Monday, March 15, 2010

Cleveland Punch en Español

Los Ponches de Cleveland y de Die sitio web de la empresa, ahora puede ser traducido a más de 52 idiomas diferentes mediante el uso de la Google Toolbar. Cleveland Punch and Die especializa en punzones, matrices, cuchillas de corte, las nueces de acoplamiento y otros accesorios para todas las máquinas de hierro de los trabajadores. Estamos encantados de ayudarle con sus herramientas de las necesidades de hoy! Llámenos a nivel local o internacional en el 800-451-4342 o envíenos un email a Esperamos servir a su necesidad de herramientas que viene.

Website Translation

An article written this past weekend by Miguel Helft of the New York Times discusses the use of Google Translation for web site translations. (Click here to view the article). This translation service can be used on any website by downloading the Google Toolbar.

We find this service extremely useful here at Cleveland Punch and Die to reach a whole new market of customers! With today's business market becoming more digital every day, reaching new customers online is of the utmost importance. By using this FREE service, any website can be translated into over 52 languages!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Geka Catalog Now Online

A PDF copy of our Geka Catalog is now available on our website. Please visit our Geka Page for your copy today! As always, if you have any special application questions or if you are looking for something not covered in our catalog, just give us a call. We are available from 7am to 6pm. (888-451-4342)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Special Application Tooling - Architects and Artisans

Architects and Artisans are tapping into the technology we employ here at The Cleveland Punch and Die Company. Our computer aided design and manufacturing technology not only allows designers to punch unusual configurations, but also gives artisans new ideas and a fresh look on how things can be made. A punch and die set that we recently completed allowed a company to use punched out shapes from license plates to start up a jewelry line! While you may see our website and think our tools are only used in heavy sheet metal fabrication, we love the opportunity to discuss how our punches and dies can be used in new and unique ways. Do you have a new idea for a special purpose punch and die? Give us a call today and discuss it with one of our experienced engineers!