Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lubrication Extends Tooling Life

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Lubricating the punches, dies and shear blades on a punching machine can play an influential role in extending tooling life. Understanding the forces that occur in the minuscule space between the punch and the material being punched may help explain why lubrication should be used.

As the punch passes through the material, tiny amounts of the material are fused to the punch surface, this is called galling. As the punching cycle continues, galling increases, causing the punching diameter to actually “grow.” The clearance between the punch and die becomes so small that eventually the punch may become pressed into the die.

From the pork grease that the early fabricators used to the synthetic lubricants available to the modern fabricator, the most frequently asked question is always “What kind of lubricant works best?”

Through extensive testing, we have found the higher the viscosity of the lubricant, the greater the protection, especially for slowly retracting punches.

However, on fast-cycling punching machines, the protective barrier on the sides of the punch can become a sticky, air-displacing vacuum generator on the face of the punch. During the fast retraction of the punch, the slug may pull out of the die and actually adhere to the punch face resulting in tool failure.

A punching lubricant that is too thin may offer an insignificant protection barrier for thick material. However, it may offer adequate protection for gauge stock.

What does the Green Team recommend? Our patented lubrication called Punch-Easy ®. It’s designed for all punching and shearing applications and has been proven to significantly reduce the amount of galling, scoring and friction, which prolongs tooling life. Thick or thin material, mild or stainless steel, Punch-Easy® protects against all!

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Punches, dies, shears receive less scoring and galling.
Utilize more press time by decreased tool changes.
New tool life making better holes for a longer time.
Cleans easy with any standard cleaner if required.
Holds lubrication to tools for rust prevention during storage.
Ease of application with brush or swab
Approved and tested for the toughest punching and shear jobs
Smooth increased production with more parts per tool.
Your best bet is to use Punch-Easy