Monday, November 15, 2010

Center Punches

Center Punches

A center punch is a hand-held punch which consists of a steel rod that tapers down into a point which will be hammered into the material, indicating where the hole is to be punched or drilled. Center punches are typically used in several different applications. Some of our customers use the center punches to mark the material that they wish to punch. These marks act as targets when lining up the punch and die. Some customers also use the center punches to make a dimple in their material to serve as a guide for drilling. In this case, most of the drill bits tend to have a mind of their own unless they have a recess to start in. Center punches are known throughout the industry for their reliability and durability.

Transfer Punches

A transfer punch is a hand-held punch that consists of a steel rod that tapers down to a particular outer diameter size and has a crowned center point. It is used to tightly fit the tolerances of an existing hole in a template and when hit with a hammer, it transfers the center of that hole to another piece of material. It is commonly used to precisely set locations for threaded holes, (created by drilling and tapping), to bolt an object to a surface.

The Cleveland Punch & Die Company carries many center and transfer punches in stock! For additional information please contact one of our experienced “Green Team” members at (888)451-4342 from 7am-6pm Monday through Friday.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Proudly Made in the USA!!

The Cleveland Punch and Die Company manufactures more than just punches and dies. We manufacture almost everything that is used on your ironworker. What better way to stock up your supply cabinet than with tooling and accessories that are proudly manufactured by a US Company? The Cleveland Punch and Die's "Green Team" is proud to be the largest stocking manufacturer in the industry. So if you are working on a deadline and need a part or a tool to finish the job, Cleveland Punch is the place to call! Let us know what style of machine you are using and we will be happy to email you one of our 17 different catalogs full of available products. You can also check out these catalogs through our tooling pages by visiting

A sample of the products that Cleveland Punch has in stock include:
Shear Blades:
Flat Bar, Round Bar, Coper/Notcher and Angle Blades
Coupling Nuts:
Coupling Nut Wrenches, Quick Change Sleeves and Punch Nuts

We also stock accessories which include Urethane Strippers, Oversized Attachments, Die Reducers, Punch Stems and Die Blocks.

If you are in need of a blade, part or accessory for your machine, give us a call and let us show you what we have to offer! (888-451-4342)